Editing for Cultural Localization


A translated document can only be as good, clear and coherent as its original source.

The English language itself is full of inconsistencies and contradictory rules of spelling, syntax and grammar. Native English speakers are accustomed to these inconsistencies and tend to take it for granted that other people are too, but a speaker of another language may not be familiar with them at all. Indeed, even a native speaker from one of the other English-speaking countries may have trouble. As Henry Higgins of “My Fair Lady” notes:

“There even are places where English completely disappears;
in America they haven’t used it for years.”

Thus, the original message of the document may not come across to the target audience in its full meaning and context.

What are the benefits for you?

  •  In exchange for the relatively small cost of this service, you receive a document written in Standard English, which can much more easily be translated into the language of your choice.
  •  Since all inconsistencies and ambiguities have been removed from the English text, your intended audience will find the document much more readable and understandable.
  •  This service reduces the amount of time that our translators need to provide you with a completed translation.
  •  You save money because less time will be spent on revisions.
  •  You have less anxiety concerning potential litigation due to translation errors.
  •  You receive your translation on time, which enables you to meet your business, contractual or legal obligations.
  •  You are more able to meet production or publication deadlines.

The finished product is a concise and highly readable, international document written in Standard English, while retaining all the nuance and shades of meaning that you originally intended. We submit the edited version for your review and approval before processing the translation.

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